Ways to Remove Condensation From Your Car’s Window

There’s nothing worse than being on the road and having your windshield and windows fog up, obscuring your entire vision. Thick condensation is extremely hazardous to you and everyone in the vicinity of your vehicle. This issue happens frequently, particularly for those who live in a colder environment.

When warm air from your heater comes into contact with the cold glass of your vehicle’s windows, they tend to fog up. During the winter, our bodies produce heat and the air within the car becomes heated and wet. When condensation forms on a chilly glass surface due to this moist air, it is an indication that your auto needs an auto window repair.

There are a few things you can do to get rid of this condensation and have a clear view while driving.

1) Use a Defroster

The easiest way to get rid of window condensation is to use your car’s defroster. Most cars nowadays come with an automatic setting that turns the defroster on when it senses moisture on the windows. If your car doesn’t have this feature, you can turn on the defroster manually by pressing the button on your dash.

The defroster works by blowing hot air onto your windshield which evaporates the moisture and clears up the condensation. It’s important to keep in mind that you should only use the defroster until the windows are clear and not leave it on for too long as it can cause the glass to crack.

2) Open Your Windows

Another way to remove window condensation is to open your windows for a few minutes. This will help to circulate the air inside your car and get rid of the moist air that’s causing the condensation. It’s important to do this sparingly though as driving with your windows open can increase drag and reduce fuel efficiency.

3) Use a Rag or Sponge

If you don’t have time to wait for your defroster to work or don’t want to waste gas by opening your windows, you can use a rag or sponge to wipe away the condensation. This method is not as effective as the other two but it will still get rid of the moisture on your windows so you can see while driving.

4) Purchase a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a small device that helps to remove moisture from the air. You can purchase a dehumidifier specifically for cars or get one for your home and keep it in your vehicle. This will help to reduce the amount of moisture in the air inside your car and prevent the windows from fogging up.

5) Apply Antifog Solution

There are many commercial solutions you can purchase that are designed to prevent fogging. You can apply this solution to your windshield and windows before you start driving and it will help to keep the condensation at bay. These solutions usually need to be reapplied after a few weeks so they’re not a permanent solution but they can help in the meantime.

These are just a few ways you can remove condensation from your car’s windows.

If you’re also looking for ways to get rid of this problem, here are a few tips that can help.


Turn On the Heater

Turn on the heater to decrease moisture in your car. The technique for this method is to start with the heater on low and then gradually increase it as the air dries out. Make sure the air coming from the heater is directed towards your vehicle windows. The less condensation forms, the warmer your glass windows need to be.

The key to this method is to not turn the heater on too high, too quickly. If you blast the heat right away, it will only cause the moisture in the air to condense onto your windows faster. Instead, start with the heater on low and gradually increase the temperature until the windows clear up.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should aim the airflow from the heater towards the windows. By keeping your glass surfaces warm, you’ll help prevent condensation from forming in the first place.

Turn On the Air Conditioning

Another approach to get rid of condensation is to turn on the air conditioner in your vehicle. All of the moisture from the air will be quickly removed, as well as any fog from your windows. To avoid any condensation from accumulating, refresh the air in your automobile.

This method is great because it also helps to cool down your car during hot summer days. But, keep in mind that you should only use this method when it’s absolutely necessary. Running the air conditioner for long periods of time can put a strain on your car’s battery and engine.


Keep the Windows Down

If your air conditioning goes out, you may open the windows to vent any condensation. Fresh air enters the car cabin, drying all of the moisture from the air. After your windows and windshield are clear, you can roll up your windows and go comfortably again.

Use a Hairdryer

Another quick way to remove condensation from your car’s windows is to use a hairdryer. Just point the hairdryer towards the window and turn it on to the highest setting. Move the hairdryer back and forth until all the moisture is gone.

Wipe with a Cloth or Paper Towel

If you don’t have a hairdryer, you can also wipe the condensation off with a cloth or paper towel. Just make sure that the cloth or paper towel is dry so that you don’t end up spreading more moisture around. Another option is to use a squeegee to remove the moisture from your car’s


Maintain Your Windows

When there’s dirt, debris, and grime trapped on windows, they tend to get damp. This is why performing regular window washing with a microfiber cloth to remove any abrasive dust and grime is critical. Not only will it make your car windows look clean, but it’ll also allow them to “breathe” better and prevent moisture from condensing.

Check the Weatherstrip Seals

If you have a classic car or an older model, then the chances are that the weatherstripping seals around your windows have worn out. These seals are responsible for keeping water and air out of your car, so if they’re not in good condition, moisture can easily get in and cause your windows to fog up.

To check if your weatherstripping seals need to be replaced, simply close your car doors and roll down the windows. If you see any daylight peeking through, then it’s time to replace the seals.

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