How Electric Side View Mirrors are Repaired

Adjusting the side-view mirrors to eliminate blind spots is one of the most effective ways to increase your safety while driving. You’ll have a hard time safely changing lanes or parking your car if your side view mirrors are busted! Fortunately, new cars now include electric side-view mirrors that may be controlled with buttons inside the vehicle. Electric side-

view mirrors are also available as aftermarket options that could be installed on older vehicles.

1. The Glass is Inspected for Cracks

Just like any other electrical component in your car, electric side-view mirrors are susceptible to breakage. The most common reason for a broken electric side view mirror is wiring issues. Over time, the insulation around the wires can degrade, causing a short circuit

The Glass Is Examined for Cracks One of the first things that auto glass specialists do when repairing an electric side-view mirror—or any other car glass—is to inspect it for fractures. If your side mirror glass is broken, the reflection within it will be distorted, putting you at risk of a collision. Auto glass technicians also check for cracks in the housing and mounting bracket to ensure that the entire assembly is secure.

Wires Are Checked for Damage Once the glass has been examined, technicians will check the wires that connect the mirror to the car’s electrical system. If any of the wires are damaged, they will need to be replaced. The wires may also need to be

2. The Wiring is Checked and Reattached

Electric side-view mirrors must be correctly attached. You won’t be able to adjust your side mirrors using the button panel in your car if the wiring is incorrect. The only way to tell whether your side mirror wiring is loose is by removing the glass. If every wire is connected but the electric side view mirror continues to fail, there may be a problem with the fuse or relay.

After the wiring has been checked and repaired, if necessary, the electric side view mirror will need to be readjusted. You can do this yourself by using the buttons in your car, or you can have an auto glass technician do it for you

3. The Side Mirror Assembly is Assessed

Did you know that if the assembly is damaged, electric side-view mirrors will not move—even if the wiring isn’t broken? Unfortunately, if you strike your side mirror hard enough, the casing surrounding it will distort. Even if you attempt to adjust your side mirror glass, it will stay in position due to this defect. The only fix for a damaged side mirror assembly is to replace it.

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4. Damaged Wiring is Replaced

In some cases, all that’s needed to fix electric side-view mirrors is to replace damaged wiring. This problem is caused by either animal chewing on the wires or the wires becoming corroded over time. In most cases, the damage isn’t severe enough to warrant replacing the entire side mirror assembly.

If you have electric side-view mirrors that need to be repaired, it’s best to take them to a professional. Auto glass specialists have the tools and experience necessary to fix your mirrors quickly and correctly.

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