How Dark Can Your Window Tint Be In California?

There is no scarcity of sunshine in California. Sunlight, on the other hand, might contribute to vision-threatening glare, UV exposure, and sunburned car interiors if you are a vehicle owner. For these reasons alone, many auto owners choose to have their car windows tinted. Window tints can significantly improve your driving experience.

However, not all tinting is permissible. Tinting your vehicle’s windows, especially the windshield, might obstruct the driver’s view (which poses an increased risk of collisions). Because tinting reduces the amount of visible light that enters your car’s windows, it may be dangerous to drive at night or when visibility is limited. When you’re driving at night or in a fogged-in area.

How Do I Know How Much Window Tint Is Legal? 

In brief, the amount of legal car tint varies depending on the sort of window. That means varying restrictions for your front windshield, rear windows, and back windshield. The back windshield and back passenger side windows do not have any tinting limits, but the front passengers’ windows must allow at least 70% of visible light to pass through. This allows the driver to see enough on the road and in the periphery to make informed judgments.

The car must also have two un-tinted side-view mirrors that provide 200 feet of visibility behind it (with no cracks or dents). An exception to the 70% rule is that the top few inches of the windshield may be tinted; this tinting technique, known as an “eyebrow strip,” blocks glare while allowing unobstructed vision. 

What About Colors Or Reflective Tints? 

The California tinted glass regulation establishes that a tinted window cannot be more reflective than a clear one. Any tints with mirrored or metallic finishes are ruled out. Colors are also prohibited; red, amber, and blue hues that are allowed in some jurisdictions are not permitted in California. There are no special exemptions to the aforementioned regulations.

Where Can I Get My Windows Tinted? 

Professionals must finish the procedure if you want window tinting on your automobile. This step is crucial since you may be required to show that the film was produced by a manufacturer who has received state authorization.

Furthermore, as the owner of a vehicle with tinted windows, you must have a signed certificate from the professional tinting firm. This document contains the manufacturer’s title and address as well as the proportion of visible light that passes through each window’s film. If you want expert advice on automobile window tinting, contact your local expert car glass or tint shop for assistance.

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Windows Tinted? 

The price of tinting your windows is determined by a number of variables. When it comes to window tinting, you get what you pay for, and poorly done jobs are easy to spot. When it comes to automobile window tinting, keep the following points in mind:

-The price of window tinting is determined by several variables, including the type of film used, the size of the vehicle, and the complexity of the job.

-Poorly done window tinting jobs are easy to spot and can be much more expensive to fix than to do correctly the first time.

-When it comes to automobile window tinting, it is important to use a professional service to ensure the best possible results.

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